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Tesla Inc. (TSLA) is an innovative American corporation renowned for its production of electric and clean energy vehicles. Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, Tesla Motors was established in July 2003 by visionary engineers Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning.

In addition to its groundbreaking electric cars, Tesla has expanded its offerings since the acquisition of SolarCity in 2016. The company now leads the development of cutting-edge products designed for battery energy storage, home applications, and grid solutions, encompassing solar panels and roof tiles.

At the helm of Tesla is the accomplished South African-born entrepreneur, Elon Musk. Musk’s entrepreneurial journey began with the co-founding of PayPal (PYPL), a pioneering payment services company. His remarkable ventures extended to SpaceX, where he served as the founder and CEO, leading the production of advanced spacecraft.

Musk’s vision for Tesla extends far beyond the automotive industry. He envisions Tesla as an independent technology and car manufacturing company dedicated to making electric vehicles accessible to the average consumer, ensuring a sustainable and affordable future.

By meticulously crafting electric vehicles and pioneering clean energy solutions, Tesla Inc. continues to redefine the boundaries of innovation and environmental stewardship.

Tesla Stock Price

Tesla’s share price is intricately linked to its quarterly and annual earnings, which serves as a reflection of the demand for the company’s products. Furthermore, the share price is influenced by policies aimed at combating climate change—a crucial factor for Tesla. With various regions subsidizing electric vehicles and clean energy companies, while simultaneously tightening regulations on the oil industry, Tesla enjoys a favorable backdrop. However, abrupt policy changes can prove detrimental to the company’s stock.

Considering today’s Tesla stock price, it remains largely unattainable for the average investor. Nonetheless, at RolStock, you need not purchase whole units of TSLA stock. Similar to cryptocurrencies, you can acquire fractional shares starting from just $1.00, all while receiving a proportional dividend income.

Ultimately, Tesla’s stock prices are subject to the fundamental principles of supply and demand within the market. Traders place Ask (sell) and Bid (buy) orders, and the resultant TSLA price is determined through the matching process in the Exchange order book. Consequently, it’s no surprise that prices continue to fluctuate throughout market hours.

What the Bears say

– Tesla lacks profitability: Tesla has been unable to generate an annual profit for an extended period, experiencing only a few profitable phases in the span of a decade. The company tends to make ambitious commitments but falls short in delivering on them.
– Established automakers will ultimately prevail: Although Tesla has played a pioneering role in electric vehicles, rival automobile manufacturers possess deeper financial resources, larger research and development teams, and superior distribution networks.
– The company heavily depends on Elon Musk: Tesla’s CEO, known for being vocal, assertive, and inclined to take risks, possesses qualities that may discourage prospective investors.

What the Bulls say

1. Tesla leads the way: Tesla holds a significant advantage as the pioneer of the electric-car revolution, single-handedly driving the industry forward. While its competitors strive to catch up, Tesla remains in the lead.

2. Elon Musk’s visionary brilliance: Elon Musk frequently garners comparisons to renowned figures such as Steve Jobs from Apple or the accomplished engineer and inventor Nikola Tesla, who serves as the inspirational namesake for the brand. Musk’s visionary thinking sets him apart.

3. Tesla surpasses being a mere automaker: Tesla encompasses a broad spectrum of technologies, ranging from advanced Lithium batteries to innovative solar panels. With the potential for expansion, the company may soon transform into a comprehensive transportation service, backed by an electric grid and autonomous vehicles.

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