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Gold has effectively safeguarded wealth for countless generations, unlike paper coins, which have not demonstrated the same ability. This characteristic has established gold as a valuable safeguard against inflation.

Back in 1970, an ounce of gold had a value of $35.8, which was sufficient to purchase a suit. If you were to possess an ounce of gold today and convert it at the current price, you would still be able to purchase a suit. However, if you had held onto $35 in paper currency, you would not have enough to buy a tie.

The capacity of gold to preserve wealth becomes even more significant in an economic climate where investors are pessimistic about the US dollar and rising inflation.

Throughout history, gold has consistently served as a hedge in both of these situations. As inflation rises, gold tends to appreciate.

When investors perceive that their money is losing value, they typically shift their capital into tangible assets that have traditionally retained their value. The 1970s serve as a notable example of escalating gold prices during a period of increasing inflation.

Despite the advantages offered by investing in gold, there are certain drawbacks that have limited its appeal to retail investors. The spreads involved in settlements can be wide, resulting in costly inbound and outbound trades. Storage and insurance costs are high, amounting to 0.4% annually. Moreover, gold is expensive and challenging to transport.

The emergence of gold-backed blockchain tokens like Universal Gold [UPXAU] will introduce digital portability, reduced fees, and eliminate storage costs entirely.

Gold Price Update

Gold prices are subject to continuous fluctuations, occurring around the clock throughout the year, due to its active trading on various global exchanges.

Price variations are primarily influenced by market sentiment and significant events rather than supply availability.

Outlined below are the three primary elements that contribute to the fluctuations in gold prices:

1. Uncertainty: During periods of economic downturns and instability, there is typically a heightened demand for precious metals as investors seek a secure investment haven.

2. Economic Factors: Alterations in economic policies, currency strength, or interest rates within a country can have an impact on the value of gold.

3. Demand: Precious metals serve a purpose beyond government reserves and wealth accumulation. Gold is widely utilized in industrial processes, and the jewelry trade also plays a significant role. During prosperous times, people are more inclined to purchase jewelry, and in some Eastern countries, precious metals are commonly gifted to family members in the form of coins or bars.

What the Bears say

Gold remains an enduring choice for investment: Undoubtedly, individuals of varying financial statuses have relied on gold for countless years to secure and transfer their wealth.

Abundance of gold renders mining unnecessary: It is indeed a fact that, despite the numerous practical applications of gold, we possess an abundance of it stored in government and private bank vaults across the globe.

Gold’s practical usability is limited (owing to its weight): Undeniably, gold’s weightiness poses a significant challenge when it comes to trading, making it a cumbersome and arduous task, be it locally or internationally.

What the Bulls say

In these times of unpredictability, gold prices tend to remain strong: Gold typically fares better when there is economic or political uncertainty.

Gold has the potential for digital conversion: Tokens such as Universal Gold [UPXAU] will enhance their accessibility and trading opportunities for mainstream investors, resulting in heightened demand for the fundamental metal that supports each token.

Gold is highly sought after: Whether it’s for electronic circuitry, medical devices, jewelry, or wealth accumulation, gold is in demand for its practical applications. When combined with economic uncertainty, it presents itself as a favorable investment choice.

Invest in Gold today

Gold serves as an enduring avenue for safeguarding your wealth, transcending time itself. Throughout the ages, gold coins or bullion have consistently found their place in time capsules. Unearth the assurance and satisfaction that comes with possessing this precious metal. Collaborate your assets and embark upon a pivotal journey to shape your financial destiny.

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